From the Wonderland Jewelry Vaults

From the Wonderland Jewelry Vaults

I strive to make original pieces of jewelry and try never to duplicate an item. From time to time, I’d like to share some of my jewelry that has been sold and retired. Today I am sharing a personal favorite: my Waterlillies cha-cha/charm bracelet!

I have long been a fan of French Impressionist Claude Monet. A few years ago, I was most fortunate to view the Monet Waterlillies exhibit at the High Museum in Atlanta, Georgia. Seeing those famous canvases up close provided the inspiration for my bracelet.

A silver link chain was the foundation for a variety of glass pearls in shades of pink, purple, blue and green. These colors were used predominantly on each of different Waterlillies paintings. Small silver photo frame charms encircled the bracelet delicately displaying four of the famous versions Monet painted of the Waterlillies floating in his garden. Finally, sliver water lily flower charms and lily pad charms were interspersed around the bracelet to give the illusion of floating as they would in a pond.

I still love making the cha-cha style charm bracelet and usually have one or two available in my shop. My appreciation for Monet’s work has not diminished either and I am currently designing new jewelry influenced by his work. These pieces, however, will be based on his paintings Field of Poppies and Poppies. 

Happy Beading!



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